Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

Do you want to preserve wealth for your loved ones? Protect assets from creditors? Provide charitable donations or minimize estate tax and probate consequences?

The fact is, it all comes down to one thing: you want to know that your estate plans are as effective as possible to protect and comfort those you leave behind.

At GADC, our strategic estate planning process pours equal measures sensitivity, wisdom and care into a comprehensive review and analysis of your needs and assets. This mindful approach reveals how best to suit your personal circumstances and goals, all for your peace of mind. We are here to:

Analyze and recommend the right variety of services—everything from a basic Last Will and Testament to revocable trust agreements to complex trust and partnership relationships

Provide advanced planning techniques, such as irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILIT), qualified personal residence trusts (QPRT), charitable lead and remainder trusts (CLT and CRAT/CRUT), charitable foundations, grantor retained annuity trusts (GRAT), and more

Counsel you regarding Florida domicile and drafting documents under Florida law, including power of attorney, health care surrogate, declaration of domicile, and living will

Design and draft all necessary documents and structures

Craft family business and real estate planning to provide succession and protection of family business and real estate assets

Manage every aspect of estate and trust administration, including fiduciary and beneficiary representation

Many put these sensitive matters off until “tomorrow,” to the significant detriment of the loved ones they leave behind. Take control now. Give us a call.