What makes contracts so important? One day you just might need to use one.

You’ll be feeling violated, threatened, or cheated, and you’re going to want your contract to protect your rights and define the remedies that will most satisfy you. So whether we’re performing a contract review or negotiating contract terms, GADC’s expertise is what you want on your side.

Our breadth of contract knowledge covers both residential and commercial. This vantage point illuminates exactly how different these ventures are: in contrast to residential, commercial agreements and transactions are significantly more complex. They require a higher level of due diligence and a deeper examination of title, surveys, lease analysis, and a host of other critical items.

In short: as you navigate the commercial contract negotiation and due diligence process, it is imperative for the health of your enterprise that you work with real estate attorneys who know what they are doing and possesses productive relationships to ensure your success.

You can be a developer, investor, tenant, or lender. Your interest could be a shopping center, a commercial condominium or other mixed-use property. In every case imaginable, GADC’s proven track record will put you at ease. Contact us today.