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Closing & Settlement Services

The truth is that you can close your transaction and purchase your title insurance from any closing agent. The greater truth is that none of them is GADC.

Our reputation for accuracy is enduring. Our level of service is unparalleled. Both qualities foster rich, long-term relationships with our clients, their realtors, and their lenders based on care and mutual respect. We deftly handle even the most complex real estate transactions with decades of experience for your benefit. And we do it all at a fair price.

From productive partnerships with renowned title underwriters—Attorneys Title Insurance Fund, Chicago Title Insurance Company, and North American Title Insurance Company—to an efficient closing experience, GADC is one of the industry’s most trusted resources. Learn more just by asking!

Contract Review & Negotiations

What makes contracts so important? One day you just might need to use one.

You’ll be feeling violated, threatened, or cheated, and you’re going to want your contract to protect your rights and define the remedies that will most satisfy you. So whether we’re performing a contract review or negotiating contract terms, GADC’s expertise is what you want on your side.

Our breadth of contract knowledge covers both residential and commercial transactions. This vantage point illuminates exactly how different these ventures are: in contrast to residential, commercial agreements and transactions are significantly more complex, and they require a higher level of due diligence and a deeper examination of title, surveys, lease analysis, and a host of other critical items.

In short: as you navigate the commercial contract negotiation and due diligence process, it is imperative for the health of your enterprise that you work with real estate attorneys who know what they are doing and possesses productive relationships to ensure your success.

Whether you are a developer, investor, tenant, or lender and your interest is in a shopping center, a commercial condominium or other mixed-use property, in every case imaginable, GADC’s proven track record will put you at ease. Contact us today.

Title Insurance

Title insurance protects against loss arising from defects already existing on the title of your property at the time of your purchase. What does that mean at GADC? Peace. Of. Mind.

Any number of unforeseen issues can undermine your interest in your property to devastating effect, no matter how thoroughly your legal counsel searches in advance of your closing. That’s why our clients choose us as their best defense against substantial financial loss from the likes of:

  • Outstanding Mortgages
  • Judgments
  • Tax Liens
  • Forged Deeds
  • Deeds by Minors
  • Fraud/Misrepresentation
  • Mistakes in Recording of Legal Documents

What’s more, GADC’s relationships with the industry’s most esteemed title underwriters establish a level of confidence that our clients cannot find elsewhere. Simply put, our resources afford us leverage in resolving almost any title issue you may face. Let us prove it to you.

Development & Management

Small-business client selling a free-standing property? Multi-layered entity selling an entire property portfolio? Bring it on. For every client who passes through our doors, GADC delivers certainty of execution and thoughtfully integrated deals.

In fact, by routinely handling a diverse range of transactions in various roles and capacities, we ensure the most thorough, efficient experience in the industry. This isn’t just due diligence and document production (which we do with great skill). This is the seamless and legally sound acquisition, development and construction of office buildings, shopping centers, mixed-use projects, hotels, condominiums, and single and multi-family residential projects.

For lenders, investment managers, and private owners, we serve as trusted advisors for many key property sectors:

  • Condominiums, Cooperatives & Conversions (residential, commercial, & mixed-use)
  • Apartments (planned communities & residential subdivisions)
  • Offices (urban & suburban)
  • Industrial (distribution facilities, factories, & warehouses)
  • Retail & Shopping Centers
  • Undeveloped Land

Partner with a firm that knows. Learn more about GADC today.

Finance & Capital Markets

At GADC, our know-how and background in finance and capital markets is what sets us apart. And our clients wouldn’t have it any other way.

When it comes to obtaining credit from commercial and investment banks, insurance companies, and other institutional lenders, our clients benefit from our understanding of capital markets, underwriting, and financing vehicles, including those offered by balance sheet and conduit lenders.

If the subject is lending, we routinely advise on first-mortgage term loans, mezzanine and permanent financings, participating loans, construction loan facilities, conduit lending programs, securitized financings, syndicated credit facilities, and more.

Whether your loan is conventional, participated, syndicated, or mezzanine, secured by real property or tangible and intangible personal property (such as accounts receivable, inventory, fixed assets, transferrable development rights and accounts), we serve as your partner to achieve the greatest outcome.

Add in personal property leasing and financing, dispute avoidance, and the workout of troubled, and it’s clear why you would want the power of GADC at your disposal. Put us on your side today.