Our Probate & Trust Administration Practice

Probate Administration
Probate administration is the legal proceeding to transfer property at a person’s death. The administration of probates, estates and trusts can be difficult to maneuver without guidance from experienced counsel. Our attorneys are seasoned in all aspects of probate estate administration, including summary and full probate proceedings. Goede, Adamczyk, DeBoest & Cross is here to help trustees, personal representatives, beneficiaries, heirs, creditors and other fiduciaries to identify and exercise their rights.

We understand that it is difficult to deal with the multitude of issues that arise when a loved one passes away, and we work diligently to alleviate these stresses and guide our clients through the administration process to resolve estate matters as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Trust Administration
Trustees and fiduciaries often need professional legal guidance to adequately fulfill their legal duties and obligations. We understand the creation and administration of trusts and fiduciary responsibilities, and routinely provide counsel to fiduciaries and beneficiaries regarding their rights and obligations and address the complex and difficult issues that arise through family relationships, special needs, and, if necessary, assist them in resolving disputes.

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