A lmost without fail real estate litigation presents our clients with as many business considerations as it does legal.  Once a dispute arises, the value of the real property itself might warrant consideration of remaining in a contract with a concession on price rather than rescinding and litigating the issues.  Or a buyout of a plaintiff in a partition action may make more business sense in the long term than allowing a court to force the sale of the property at issue.

The litigators at GADC have prosecuted and defended the full spectrum of real estate litigation issues, yet we place a particular emphasis on recognizing circumstances where it is in our client’s best interests to consider spending money on a “business solution” as opposed to moving forward with litigation.  That said, when there is no choice but to take the matter to trial, our litigators are more than equipped to do so.  We have a breadth of experience with:

  • Purchase and sale contract disputes whether for rescission, escrow disputes, interpleader actions, specific performance, or post-closing claims for failure to disclose known defects
  • Option agreements and rights of first refusal
  • Claims against real estate agents and brokers for breaches of statutory duties, and claims to enforce contractual commissions on behalf of agents and brokers
  • Development agreements and disputes, loan workouts, assignments of rents, as well as land use and zoning disputes
  • Marketable Record Title Act disputes
  • Title disputes such as easements, adverse possession, trespass, nuisance, quiet title, foreclosure of statutory and equitable liens as well as mortgages, slander of title, and claims against title insurance policies
  • Residential and commercial landlord/tenant disputes such as evictions and actions pursuant to the Fair Housing Act
  • All aspects of eminent domain actions

If your property is subject to a dispute, contact us today.