Learn More About Our Financial Advisor Liability Practice

W e prosecute and defend claims involving stockbroker manipulation, broker liability, erroneous investment advice, lack of suitability, breach of fiduciary duty and securities fraud.   And we believe that your advisor owes you a duty of competence, prudent investment of your hard-earned money, and accountability, and we know that you expect your financial advisor to deliver well-informed, honest advice about your investments. Pursuant to the applicable federal and states laws, your financial investment firm must abide by important fiduciary duties to act in your best interests and may be held liable for:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty: Acting in a manner inconsistent with your best interests, which often involves actions intended to benefit the financial advisor himself or to advantage another party.
  • Churning: Trading for the primary purpose of earning stockbroker or financial advisor fees and commissions.
  • Fraudulent misrepresentation: ¬†Misrepresenting or omitting material facts relevant to your investments.
  • Unsuitable: Failing to consider such factors as your financial situation, your investment goals and your level of investment sophistication to appropriately analyze your risk tolerance for certain trades.
  • Vicarious liability: Failing to supervise the individual stockbroker who is making your trades.

One of our first steps when working with new clients is to review the structure of their portfolios and losses in light of their unique investor profile, as well as conduct a detailed review of the accounting, in order to help understand what transpired and advise as to whether there is any potential for financial recovery from the stockbroker and/or the stockbrokerage firm.  If litigation is necessary, our skilled attorneys will aggressively pursue an action against the individual stockbroker/advisor as well as the financial investment firm as circumstances dictate.

If you suspect your stockbroker or financial advisor has failed in any of their legally enforceable duties, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with our experienced attorneys as soon as possible, because the earlier you act, the more options you may have available to you.

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