Association documents and amendments should be simple: easy to understand and even easier to enforce. However, if either (or both!) are written without proper guidance and knowledge of the most current laws and statutes, you could unknowingly put your entire community in jeopardy.

We often see language that is so ambiguous litigation is almost certain when the Board of Directors or a homeowner attempts to enforce the provisions of the governing documents. We also regularly see rules and regulations adopted by a Board of Directors that are contrary to, or not supported by, the community’s Declaration or Bylaws.  Further, we know that the laws governing condominiums and HOAs have changed dramatically over the past few years to address the issues created during the economic crisis of the great recession.  Additionally, many provisions in pre-turnover documents created for developers become obsolete once control of the community is turned over to residents.

From drafting new documents for developers to amending current versions for member-controlled associations, GADC’s wide range of services keeps you protected and ensures that all of your bases are covered.

It is our pleasure to provide a review of your current governing documents so that your board is fully informed when deciding whether or not to invest your community’s time and resources on revisions. Contact us today.