Condo & HOA Law

GADC offers 360-degree legal representation for community associations.  As a leader in Florida condominium and homeowner association law, our seasoned attorneys are able to address issues concerning covenant enforcement, drafting covenants and amendments, assessment collection disputes, contract review, construction claims and oversight, zoning and land use issues, and many other issues facing condominium and homeowner associations. Further, our experienced attorneys counsel and educate Board Members and property management on all legal issues, and we provide legal opinions with clear direction that are easily understood.

Another advantage for your community is our ability to litigate all forms of community disputes, including but not limited to, condominium arbitration, homeowners association pre-suit mediation, turnover disputes, construction defects, fair housing claims, eviction of problematic tenants, injunctions to compel compliance, as well as general litigation.  In facing difficult moments and times of controversy, our philosophy is to clarify and resolve anticipated disputes, not to create them.

To obtain answers to the most current issues affecting community associations, please take a moment to review our Frequently Asked Questions page regarding Condo & HOA law and our Memos and Legislative Updates page.

Condo & HOA Practice Areas