It’s true that litigation is necessary for some civil cases. But, as attorneys, it’s hard to ignore how frustrating and unsatisfying the process can be—even if you win your case. What’s more, there’s often a heavy emotional and financial price tag to pay, from attorney’s fees and court costs to time away from your business and the gut-wrenching embroilment of a protracted fight.

You want to focus on your businesses, not litigation. And that’s why we focus on resolution and forward momentum. So unlike lawsuits decided by judge or jury, we’ll often recommend mediation as a significantly effective way to resolve a civil dispute.

Mediation, which gives you more control over your case’s outcome, encourages parties to settle their dispute in a private setting. GADC’s attorneys serve as a neutral third party (mediator), with the primary objective being a mutually agreeable solution.

As mediators, our attorneys do not represent either side. We don’t even offer legal advice. Instead, we listen to each party (through their lawyers), make a brief presentation of each side (without live testimony or any of the formalities of a court proceeding) and then act as a go-between. Our settlement instructions come from both parties privately and confidentially, whereby we apply our experience and skills to bridge the gap between everyone’s desires. Our goal is satisfactory resolution of your dispute.

This informal practice takes place in a relaxed environment. And, should the case not settle during the mediation conference, any statements or settlement discussions exchanged between both parties and GADC are confidential and inadmissible in court. Is mediation the right path for your case? Just ask.