Goede, Adamczyk, Deboest & Cross, PLLC handles the negotiations and drafting of contracts in the Sports and Entertainment industry. Our attorneys understand the complex nature of Sports and Entertainment contracts and strive to protect the current and long-term interests of all of our clients. In today‚Äôs fast-paced Entertainment Industry, our legal services are broken up into several areas. In the Motion Picture and Television fields, we represent production and distribution companies, documentary filmmakers, actors, writers, directors and independent producers. Additionally, Goede, Adamczyk, Deboest & Cross, PLLC is involved in the music industry, representing production and management companies, recording artists, record labels, music producers, publishers, songwriters, music supervisors, recording studios, music video and creative directors, dancers, choreographers and concert and event producers. The firm is involved in fields such as modeling and talent, literary publishing, visual media arts, and the incorporation of new businesses. Our attorneys here have experience handling contract issues related to contract disputes, breach of contracts, and litigation. We have handled the negotiation and preparation of a wide range of sports and entertainment contracts such as Record Agreements, Publishing and Songwriter Agreements, Producer Agreements, Band Agreements, Management Agreements, Concert and Performance Agreements, Demo Deals, Live Stage, Event Promotion, Sports Agents’ Agreements and Team Player Agreements, Merchandising and Endorsement Agreements, Sponsorship Agreements, and Model, musician, and other Performance Releases. The firm can advise you on how to protect your creative property through confidentiality agreements and licensing and can provide valuable information and services regarding the protection, use, and registration of your copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and other various intellectual property.

Additionally, Goede, Adamczyk, Deboest & Cross, PLLC can represent all professional athletes and can provide legal counsel to other sports agents and managers. We are dedicated to expanding access to sports and entertainment law resources for our clients. We hope you contact us to learn more about our experience and qualifications.