Goede, Adamczyk, Deboest & Cross, PLLC, provides a wide range of annual maintenance services for your business entity. Whether your Florida entity is a Corporation, Limited Liability Company or Partnership the yearly maintenance requirement of each Florida entity is imperative and vital for future success.

Goede, Adamczyk, Deboest & Cross, PLLC, has a system specifically designed to comply with all of the legal and statutory corporate book requirements in the State of Florida.  The Annual Maintenance System provides for proper filing of your Annual Report (mandatory for all Florida business entities); Annual Minutes specifically tailored to your business and the necessary Corporate Records Book updates which are required each year in order to comply with Florida law. Proper Annual Maintenance of the Corporate Records Book will provide additional assurance that the “corporate veil of protection” is in place to shield your personal assets from debts owed by your business entity.

For more information on Annual Maintenance services or to schedule an appointment, please schedule a consultation with our office by calling us at 239-331-5100 or filling out our intake form on our Contact page.